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The Marvelous Tour of Peru


Dear Hilda,
"We finnaly received the feedback from Mrs Denise Tardif and she had very good comments about the trip in Peru. Every people in the group was happy and loved that..."

Quiero aprovechar para mencionarle que pasamos unas vacaciones estupendas. Muchas gracias por su buen servicio y le anado que le refiere a cualquier de mis amigos que desee viajar a Peru.
George Santiago - Panama


Hallo Larry.
Sorry sorry for not coming back to you yet.
Since my return from South America I was very busy and my time was fully ocupied.
Also my computor does not clear the messages which I am receiving all the time.
That is why it shows inbox full.
However I am sending this e mail to you quickly to say I am very happy about your assistance
to me and my group of tourists who were with me in Peru. We all enjoyed our visit to Peru.
We will come again and there are many South Africans who wants to visit Peru.
At the moment it is very cold in our country and my leather business needs all my attention now.
I will stay in contact.
Many thanks.
Jerrie Roux

Peru Information

Calendario Turistico en Peru - Mayo


Virgen de Chapi

Chapi, Arequipa


Señor de Muruhuay

Acobamba, Junín


Fiesta de las Cruces

Lima, Ica, Apurímac, Junín,Cusco, Ayacucho, Huancavelica


Qoyllur Riti


29 de abril al 1 de mayo

X Festival Turístico de la Palta Fuerte

Huarochirí, Lima

29 de abril al 1 de mayo

IV Festival Ecodeportivo de Aventura Cotahuasi 2006

La Unión, Arequipa

29 de abril al 2 de mayo

San José de Cutivireni - Rio Ene

Satipo, Junín


Florecer en Cajamarca

Cajamarca, Cajamarca

1 y 2

Festival Regional de la Granadilla-Mallampampa

Oxapampa, Pasco

1 al 4

Fiesta del Señor de Chacos

Ambo, Huánuco

1 al 8

Festival de la Chunguinada Cerreña Pasco

Pasco, Pasco

1 al 13

Fiesta del Señor de Mayo

Huarás, Ancash

3 al 7

Fiesta de las Cruces de Mayo

Jauja, Junín

6 al 8

VII Festival Turístico y Arqueológico Ichugan y V Festival de la Papa Ecológica Chipipata

Daniel Carrión, Pasco

6 al 15

Semana Turística de Nasca

Nasca, Ica

14 al 18

Semana de la Identidad Cultural

Tumbes, Tumbes

15 al 31

Cruz de San José de Chosica

Lima, Lima

20 al 27

Semana de Aniversario de Ilo

Ilo, Moquegua

20 de mayo al 5 de junio

Semana Cívica

Santa, Ancash

27 al 29

Fiesta de las Cruces del Señor de Ancara

Pasco, Pasco

29 al 31

Homenaje al 36° Aniversario del Sismo Alud 1970

Yungay, Ancash


Festival del Rio Quillcay

Huarás, Ancash

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