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The Marvelous Tour of Peru


Dear Hilda,
"We finnaly received the feedback from Mrs Denise Tardif and she had very good comments about the trip in Peru. Every people in the group was happy and loved that..."

Quiero aprovechar para mencionarle que pasamos unas vacaciones estupendas. Muchas gracias por su buen servicio y le anado que le refiere a cualquier de mis amigos que desee viajar a Peru.
George Santiago - Panama


Hallo Larry.
Sorry sorry for not coming back to you yet.
Since my return from South America I was very busy and my time was fully ocupied.
Also my computor does not clear the messages which I am receiving all the time.
That is why it shows inbox full.
However I am sending this e mail to you quickly to say I am very happy about your assistance
to me and my group of tourists who were with me in Peru. We all enjoyed our visit to Peru.
We will come again and there are many South Africans who wants to visit Peru.
At the moment it is very cold in our country and my leather business needs all my attention now.
I will stay in contact.
Many thanks.
Jerrie Roux

Peru Information

Peru Travel Vacation Guide

Above all, Peru is the most varied and exciting of all the South American nations. Most people visualize the country as mountainous, and are aware of the great Inca relics, but many are unaware of the splendour of the immense desert coastline and the vast tracts of tropical rainforest . Dividing these contrasting environments, chain after chain of breathtaking peaks, the Andes , over seven thousand metres high and four hundred kilometres wide in places, ripple the entire length of the nation. So distinct are these three regions that it is very difficult to generalize about the country, but one thing for sure is that Peru offers a unique opportunity to experience an incredibly wide range of spectacular scenery, a wealth of heritage, and a vibrant living culture.

Arequipa Travel Guide Viewpoint of Yanahuara

The marvelous country of the Misti and the White City , so close, so exciting; enjoy their wonderful people and gastronomy.


Cajamarca Travel GuideWindows of Combayo

The fallen of the last Inca Atahualpa; the encounter among two cultures that fused years later, building a new culture.


Chiclayo Travel Guide The Lord of Sipan

The lord of Sipan and their fabulous wealthy legacy full of culture, so close and so far to us, their millennial past, and the mystery of their origin.


Cusco Travel Guide Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu , Sacsayhuaman, the Sacred Valley , the Intihuatana, worldwide well-known and admired; today they continue impressing to all: visitors and Peruvians alike.


Huaraz Travel GuideCamp in the White Mountain range

Adventure sports, the impressive and blinding "Cordillera Blanca" welcomes you in Huaraz the Peruvian capital for all the travelers addicts to adrenaline.


Ica Travel Guide Sunset in the dunes

Paracas and Nazca, names of two famous pre-Inca cultures synonymous of engineering and medical tradition, which its remains and mystery, show us the product of its history and nature.


Iquitos Travel GuideLongboat

The Amazon with all its powerful manifestation is not only the main attractiveness of this city, but also the warmth of their people the beautiful of the rainforest.


Lima Travel Guide Church in Barranco

Lima the Vice Royals city, offers to each one its charms for which the UNESCO named Cultural Patrimony of the Humanity, taking us through the past and its modernity.


Puerto Maldonado Travel Guide Boat

Find the final route to this wild world almost unexplored, in which the most exclusive and rare species converge on its privileged rainforest.


Puno Travel GuideChullpas in Sillustani

Puno is located in the shores of a picturesque bay at the Titikaka Lake , the highest navigable Lake of the world in whose sine probably inhabited the oldest culture in America .


Trujillo Travel Guide Chan Chan

Trujillo goes beyond his colonial past and shows visitors part of its ancient glow; Chan-Chan was the capital of the Great Chimu Kingdom and the Tschudi Palace a remain of its past glory and splendor.


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