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The Marvelous Tour of Peru


Dear Hilda,
"We finnaly received the feedback from Mrs Denise Tardif and she had very good comments about the trip in Peru. Every people in the group was happy and loved that..."

Quiero aprovechar para mencionarle que pasamos unas vacaciones estupendas. Muchas gracias por su buen servicio y le anado que le refiere a cualquier de mis amigos que desee viajar a Peru.
George Santiago - Panama


Hallo Larry.
Sorry sorry for not coming back to you yet.
Since my return from South America I was very busy and my time was fully ocupied.
Also my computor does not clear the messages which I am receiving all the time.
That is why it shows inbox full.
However I am sending this e mail to you quickly to say I am very happy about your assistance
to me and my group of tourists who were with me in Peru. We all enjoyed our visit to Peru.
We will come again and there are many South Africans who wants to visit Peru.
At the moment it is very cold in our country and my leather business needs all my attention now.
I will stay in contact.
Many thanks.
Jerrie Roux

Peru Information

The Capac Nam in Cajamarca

Tour Details

Tour Length: 4 days/3 nights
Activities : Cajamarca
Places to visit: Observation of Birds, Ecology, Observation of the Nature, Culture and Tradition, Long walk, stroll in boat, fishes, thermal swimming pool, relajante massage
Minimun Number of Pax: 02 pax
Tour Price From US$ 358

Tour Itinerary

All our programmes can be tailor made according to your requirements, whether regarding the length of your tour, any special interests or specific activities, flight reservations, optional destinations or tours.

This program offers one more a more interesting alternative of routes, crossing ways that in some sections still conserve rest of which outside the more important road network of the empire of the Incas. The program includes a route by the Route Combayo - Sangal where we will know the habitat the picaflor Ventrigris Comet, bird classified in danger of extinction by the Union the International for the Conservation of Naturaleza (UICN) and BirdLife International. In the passage we will be able to appreciate the cajamarquina countryside and its colorful Andean traditional sembríos and to cross an ancestral way that unites historical the Baths of the Inca with the town of the Gerge. We will be able to find valvas, fossilized snails and marine sprocket wheels after million years in which it was a marine bottom. Being a valuable tourist resource, we cannot lose the opportunity to cross the rocky complex of formation of Cumbemayo, whose magic and energy offer a experience without equal.

With the pleasure to cross on foot the ancestral ways of the Caxamarca town, soon used by the Incas as it leaves from the Qhapaq Ñan or Gran Way Inca we will make trekking who conjugates the scenic beauty of the valley of Cajamarca and the lagoon San Nicholas, a long walk of little effort, with smooth slopes, crossing lateral and depressions whom old dried lagoons conformed now, finished in the colorful town of Namora.

Day 1 Cajamarca

Arrival to the city of Cajamarca and transfer to the Hotel.

Immediately to the installation, exit in bus from the hotel towards the beginning point of the circuit in the small village of Combayo, located to 1,30hrs of the city of Cajamarca.

We initiated our route on foot by a conserved affluent branch of an old pre-Hispanic way, which still conserves part of the original pavement constructed by the Incas. In spite of finding us on the 3000 msnm, the climate is pleasant, the landscape is dominated by different tones from green granted by shrubs and trees like eucalyptuses, alders, queñuales, the lands are covered by cultures with Pope, wheat, barley, ocas, grass. Surely we will see some agriculturist preparing its land to usanza ancestral with one yunta of oxen and a wood plow.

At few minutes to leave the town of Combayo we arrived at a great esplanade in which we will be able to appreciate the walls of old constructions of the Caxamarca town. A little advanced more is the Necrópolis de Combayo, set of tombs carved on volcanic rock that they indicate that here existed a ceremonial and religious center of great importance. When descending between native eucalyptuses and shrubs, we will be able to find a great variety of colorful and graceful birds like finches, zorzales, turriches, sparrows, colibríes, cargachas, etc. Inclusively, with something of luck we will be able to see some Variable Hawk or an Eagle of Black Chest.

Our long walk continues between cautivantes natural landscapes following the channel of the Grande river until entering the small village of Laurel of the Valley. Here the community will receive to us and we will be able to learn more on the daily life of these people, we will know millenarian techniques of culture like the terraces that help the conservation of grounds; perhaps in addition, we have the opportunity to fish some trouts in the Azufre river. Before leaving our friends of the Laurel of the Valley we will take a rest in the Three zone of Tingos, spectacular union of three rivers (Great, Azufre and Paccha) that forms the great Chonta river, which runs towards the valley of Cajamarca. Here we can take advantage of the time to take light refrigerio and to enjoy the wonderful landscape that offers Three cliffs of Tingos.

The last section of our long walk by the Way Inca, will take us small village Low to the Sangal, to borders of the Chonta river, where we will be able to visit a deposit of trouts and, for which they wish it, to take a refrescante chapuzón in waters from the river. The vehicle will more ahead wait for meters to us, which we will approach after also crossing the spectacular Tube of the Chicche, fascinating not only by its formation rocky but by the wealth of native flora and fauna that lodges. Between these we have colorful orquídeas and different varieties from bells, queñuales, alders, great diversity of birds, between the most important colibrí Ventrigrís Comet.

Return to the Hotel Dry Lagoon, has supper and spends the night

Day 2 Cumbemayo

Very early we will leave to Cumbemayo, located architectonic complex to 17Km of the city of Cajamarca. We will be able to make a route between gigantic rocks worked by winds through million years with graceful and particular forms that the imagination animated by the invitation of the guides can be able to appreciate between varied profiles. We will also cross the hydraulic engineer installation which they constructed the old inhabitants of Cajamarca, the Channel of Cumbemayo. In some place of the passage we will have a high one to enjoy ours box lunch. Finally we will visit the sanctuary, located in a capricious rocky form where old inhabitants made religious ceremonies and rites.

Return to the Hotel Dry Lagoon, late of thermal swimming pool, has supper and spends the night

Day 3 San Nicholas

Very early, soon of the breakfast, exit in bus from the hotel towards the beginning point of the circuit in km 11,5 of the Cajamarca highway San Marcos. We initiated route of trekking by the ancestral way that unites Cajamarca with San Nicholas (formerly Coyor call), Arriving at the Lagoon San Nicholas, will visit the community of San Nicholas. In the wild passage we will appreciate the flora varied one and birds, we will enjoy the human heat of its inhabitants and will be able to participate in the tasks of pejerrey fishing and to walk in boat in the lagoon San Nicholas, Optionally we could visit of the strength of Coyor, last place of resistance of the Caxa town before the invasion of the empire Inca. In some place of the route we will be able to rest and to enjoy box lunch (the ascent to the hill requires of certain physical effort). When beginning afternoon we will reinitiate trekking by the ancestral way that unites San Nicholas and the town of Namora.. When arriving at the locality of Namora, it is possible to be visited the manufacturing craftsmen of guitars, those that are known in all the country by their high acoustic quality. Namora is a typical town of the Peruvian mountain range, with its houses of it marinates and ceilings of roofing tile to two waters. The main commercial activity of the town is made the days Sunday, when the surrounding people of Namora and other towns and small villages meet in the market and the bordering streets to commercialize basic products of her harvests, crafts and other products that come from the city of Cajamarca.

Beginning the return and arrival to Hotel Dry Lagoon. When finalizing the Day and to obtain the waited for rest, a session of relajante massage in the Spa of Hotel Dry Lagoon. Supper and spends the night.

Day 4 Cajamarca

Breakfast and transfer to the Airport.

Tour Rates

Prices per Person in US$

02 pax
US$ 358.00

Tour Notices: Above rates are subject to change without notice eg. Holy Week,Labour Day, Christmas, New Years, etc.

Tour Inclusions


  • 3 nights of lodging in the Hotel Dry Lagoon and drink of welcome.
  • Breakfasts.
  • Necessary transport according to Tour Itinerary.
  • Box Lunch for the Trekking.
  • Specialized bilingual guide.
  • Basic equipment for the effort level (it includes medicine kit).
  • Suppers.
  • Basket of Fruits.
  • A relajante massage in the exclusive Spa of Hotel Dry Lagoon.

Not Included:

  • Domestic and International Flights
  • Airport taxes ($28 for international flights and $5 for domestic flights).
  • Baggage excess.
  • Alcoholic drinks, soda or bottled mineral water.
  • Personal expenses.
  • Tips.
  • International or National personal telephone calls


  • Recommendable for people between 14 and 40 years
  • To bring nonskid shoes, blocking lot, repelente, camera, suitable clothes to walk.
  • Altitude average: 2850 msnm
We reserve the right to make changes to the order of the trip, without prior notice, due to changes in climate conditions, river water levels, flight or bus arrival and departure times or any other reason relevant to the best development of the trip.

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